Be a Tree!

As you read Psalm 1, God gives us amazingly simple instructions on how to be Godly and grow spiritually.  In verse 1 He tells us to be careful who we hang out with.  We all need to make sure we have Godly influences in our lives.  In verse 2 God tells us plain and simply to read the Bible day and night.  Now I’m no mathematician, but that sounds like at least twice a day to me.  We must be in the Word if we want to grow.  And then God tells us that if we follow these simple requests, we will be like a tree that bears fruit and is prosperous.  I love that God chose a tree.  You see a tree has a distinct identity.  There is no mistaking a tree.  You recognize a tree at first glance or even from a distance.  God wants us to be clearly identified in our life as believers just like a tree.  Trees have deep strong roots.  They are firm in who they are, strong in their faith.  Trees do not change from day to day.  They are faithful and consistent.  Trees are not easily moved.  God’s desire for us is to be like a tree.  He wants us to be strong in our faith.  He wants us to establish strong roots by staying in His Word everyday.  He wants us to be faithful and consistent by surrounding ourselves with Godly influences.  God wants us to be faithful to Him.  Thank you Lord for your simple yet powerful truth!


About vangwood

I am a husband to my amazing wife and a father of four precious arrows God has blessed me with. As I go through this life, I just want to try to be the man God has called me to be, and lead my family to follow the Lord Jesus.
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